FinTech Talent Program

Program Overview 

The Program will connect candidates with an established and robust FinTech ecosystem. 

We also have physical hubs that are designed to facilitate collaboration and opportunities between candidates and the ecosystem

The FinTech Talent Program will provide internship and mentoring opportunities for our candidates. This includes organising programs and events to demonstrate real life case studies of startup challenges. These will include  ideation, problem solving, business plan development, accelerator programs and investment pitches etc.

The FinTech Talent Program aims to support the organic development of the  Singapore FinTech ecosystem by ensuring that candidates have the relevant skill-set and knowledge to capitalise on the new opportunities FinTech disruption will create. 


This program will address both the lack of job opportunities for graduates, as well as providing the expertise required to excel in today's dynamic job market.

Program Offerings

Co-working Space

We provide a conducive workspace to foster collaboration amongst the FinTech ecosystem


Interaction with our partners and management team who will mentor and provide guidance

Networking Opportunities

Interact with local talent to speak to experts and investors at curated events and conferences


We will match candidates with internship opportunities at startups or corporates working on FinTech innovation initiatives 


Gain practical experience and academic knowledge from various companies

Program Roadmap

The program takes in 2 x 30 pre-screened high potential Bahraini candidates
Learning & Development
Exposure to training, innovation lab visits, workshops, development and coaching and participation in events such as BlockOn, InsurByte, RegPac
Global Internship Opportunity
The best performing candidates will complete an international internship through our global network in Singapore or the United States
Program Duration
Talent Development program will run twice a year over a period of 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 months
Candidates will have the opportunity to intern and receive mentorship from our partners across corporates and FinTechs
FinTech certification from prestigious top tier universities

Projects & Learning

Innovation Lab Visits
  • Bring together intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs for ideation, research and development initiatives

  • Host exhibits, conduct facilitated tours and programs

  • Help students understand the drivers of innovation and technology development

  • Engage experts from the FinTech Landscape to share personal experience and perspectives with candidates including:

    • Defining FinTech and in-depth analysis of its verticals such as cryptocurrency/blockch​ain, crowdfunding/ crowdsourcing and cybersecurity etc.

    • Analysis of disruptive aspects of FinTech

    • Discussion of hot trends and the future of the sector and its impact on other sectors

  • BlockOn

    • ​A platform that aims to provide knowledge exchange, foster synergies among market players to find solutions, and implement & promote best innovative Blockchain practices in a collaborative, open and transparent manner.

  • RegFact

    • ​The first global RegFact conference, featuring Regulation and Compliance related innovation.​

  • InsurByte

    • ​InsurByte aims to be the knowledge-exchange platform to foster synergies among market players to find solutions to implement and promote best innovative insurance practices in​​


SG FinTech Bay partners up with Prestigious Top-Tier Universities around the world to provide various FinTech Education Programs

  • FinTech Certificate: A program that would deliver a University Certificate in FinTech, which can be delivered online or in Class (Singapore-Based)

  • Masters in FinTech: An online Masters in Fintech with a residency component; a first by any major US business school

  • Global Centre of Excellence & Research in FinTech: Launched at SGFB and in partnership with FC to deliver research and reporting on developments in Fintech

  • SFB Global FinTech Training Program: University to deliver education and mentoring role in proposed programs

  • FinTech Residency / Module: Develop 1-2 week residency modules for Universities in Singapore focusing on FinTech Innovation

  • University FinTech Innovation Lab: Integrate and establish University’s Fintech Innovation Lab into the SGFB network to support programs

Program Cycle

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Candidates
Application based on Interest and Qualification of Candidates
SGFB Job Portal & Marketplace
Access to FinTech Innovation Openings
SGFB provides the following:
  • Career Development Planning
  • Roadmap Building
  • Mentorship
  • Internship suitability and Matchmaking
Pre-screened pool of candidates via Interviews as per Partners Requirement
Partners & Companies
New job openings and feedback of Internship results
SGFB sources suitable candidates and match-makes with Partners & Companies


If you would like to be part of this program as a Student, Mentor or a Company, please register below